The Last Door - point and click game

"After all the things I’ve seen…After all the things I’ve done…My life is on a course I can’t escape from. It’s too late for me now. I just hope you could forgive me someday. Yours sincerely, Anthony Beechworth."

Seriously. If you have like 10 minutes, just start playing this. I promise after the first minute you’ll want to keep going until the end.

I feel like this is so underrated. You play a character who is trying to find out why his friend commited suicide. He comes to his abandoned house in search for clues and finds out some disturbing secrets. 

The soundtrack for this is seriously incredible, I can`t believe it was such a small-scale project. There is a part two as well which is equally as unique and much more in-depth and they’re currently working on a third installment and they need donations. 

It’s the perfect game to play in a dark room with earphones on.

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